Don’t Look for That Valentine


Meghan Herrington

The last few seconds of the video highlight the lyrics of Cade Thompson’s single expressing his want to work towards being the type of man his future wife deserves.

Meghan Herrington, Staff Writer

Relationships are imprinted on the minds of everyone; it is something that, whether we choose to recognize or not, is ingrained in all of us, even as children.

Up and coming contemporary Christian artist Cade Thompson released his new single “Dear Future Wife” on Thursday, February 11 at 11 p.m. on YouTube premiere, and the song can be listened to on all platforms.

“I wrote the song Dear Future Wife last year in the middle of quarantine. If I am honest I think about my future wife a lot,” expressed Thompson on his Instagram feed.

Through this song, Thompson expresses that although he has not found his future wife he is not focused on “finding” her. On the contrary, he is working on himself, so he can be “the future husband that [his] future wife deserves.”

Thompson makes it clear he is intentionally focusing on his spiritual relationship, and its breathtaking sincerity is what has his fans loving this song.

“I hope this song touches the hearts of people that are in a similar season of being single and also those that are in a season of single parenting, as well as those searching for healing after a broken marriage. Through this song, may the listeners be reminded that the waiting is worth it as you trust God with your journey,” stated Thompson.

Thompson’s desire to work on himself until someone comes along who feels the same might touch many hearts this Valentine’s Day. No one should scour the earth for their significant other; working on ourselves matters so we can then work to find a significant other when we feel ready to take that journey.

The young, inspiring artist has had such an impact on his generation of listeners.

Just an hour after release, the video’s effect was obvious; comments and shares immediately flooded YouTube.

His song brings to light desires we all have whether we are religious or not. “I’ve been wishing I’ve been waiting/ I’ve been hoping I’ve been praying/ That you’re out there/ Somewhere on this earth,” sings Thompson in the chorus. I do not think everyone on this earth will be married before death; I would even say some are called to live life without a partner.

“It’s a very sweet and sentimental song,” remarked Chloe Walters, a Pelahatchie High School senior.

Whatever your relationship status this Valentine’s Day, remember the message Cade Thompson presents in “Dear Future Wife.”

Click here to listen to “Dear Future Wife.”