Winter-Storm Surges US and Brings Ice to Mississippi


Meghan Herrington

One Pelahatchie Elementary student took advantage of the densely packed ice by using her iced hill and boogie board to entertain herself.

Meghan Herrington, Staff Writer

“Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.” (Dean Martin)

A wintery cold-front has been passing over the United States for about the past month. There has been snow in California on the beaches and dangerous interstate roads in Texas.

Now the dangerous front has officially made its way to the hospitality state. However, Mississippians have not been feeling nice towards the wintery weather, but maybe that has to do with the fact Mississippi is facing ice instead of a delightful snow like in those Hallmark Christmas movies.

On Monday, February 15, temperatures did not rise above freezing, and they are not predicted to peak over freezing again until Wednesday, February 17.

The Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT) is urging Mississippi residents to stay off the roads unless absolutely necessary because most roads are completely frozen over from the storm that is making its way across the state.

While MDOT is working on improving travel conditions, they are focusing on interstate roads first, according to local news stations.

This leads to great news for children across the state of Mississippi because they were already closed for President’s Day Monday, but now many are either closed or having a virtual day Tuesday, February 16, due to continuous hazardous road conditions.

There have been mixed reactions to this President’s “ice” day and school closure in preparations for another magical frozen day in.

“I have had so much fun playing in the ice today and yesterday,” exclaimed KatieBelle Herrington, a Pelahatchie Elementary student.

“I got to ‘sled’ on our boogie board that we got when we went to the beach last summer,” continued Herrington.

Her brother had the opposite idea of the perfect “ice” day.

“I have stayed inside and bundled up,” said Jack Herrington, a Pelahatchie Elementary student. “It is too cold for me,” continued Herrington as he shivered.