Scammers Keep On Scam’n


Scammers on Ebay sell the Sony Playstation 5 for more than double the retail price

Callie Weems, Staff Writer

The Sony Playstation 5 became a hot item before it even came out. It was on many children and young adults’ christmas wishlist.

So what makes this item so hot? This new console has high refresh rates and its custom solid-state drive (SSD) presents faster loading speeds. It also has a new central processing unit (CPU), which helps with application interactions.

 When it was released to the public on November 12, 2020, the playstation sold out pretty quickly.

Many parents were left unable to get their children the console they were hoping for.

With limited access to people and places due to covid, many could say this past christmas wasn’t very enjoyable. Scammers, however, found ways to enjoy and had a great Christmas.

They did so by making speedy purchases from select retailers, which wiped out the supply of consoles. When receiving their PS5 gaming systems, they sold them for double the cost of the original retail prices.

They even sold pictures of the playstation for more than double the original price, making Ebay have to give out warnings to their customers. Doing so has made it hard for people, gamers especially, to find one at the right price and from a legit seller.

Ebay stated, “We condemn these opportunistic sellers who are attempting to mislead other users.” The global commerce corporation also stressed, “We are in the process of removing all listings for photos of PS5s from our marketplace and will be taking appropriate action against the sellers.”

Since scammers have left a scarce supply and or quantity of playstation 5’s, Ebay along with other companies continue to keep watch of possible scams to protect their customers.