Student’s Spring into Spring Break

Rankin County is getting ready for Spring Break this year.

Rankin County School District

Rankin County is getting ready for Spring Break this year.

Kayla Hobson, Staff Writer

March 15-19 is the Spring Break for students in Rankin County School District.

The students and teachers at Pelahatchie High have been looking for ways to relax and have fun. 

Since Spring Break is coming up, many people have already made plans. 

Matthew Day, a senior football player for Pelahatchie Chiefs, says,”I plan to train for football and hang out with my family.” 

Heather Greene, Pelahatchie High School scientist teacher, says, “I’m going to Ocean Springs and Gulf Shores.” 

Some students plan on using this time to study. 

Malik Latin, a sophomore, says, “I’m going to study for the ACT.”

The pandemic is still present; many people have shown concern. 

According to, there have been 679 new cases and 19 deaths since March 10. 

Nationally, according to, there are 29,286.720 cases and 530,829 deaths in the United States. 

Damarquis Gilbert, a senior, said,”I am worried about the virus because the case numbers have risen.”

But the CDC has made a to-do list to keep people safe.

On the website,, it states, “You need to find out what vaccines and medicines to take for the destination. Get your flu shot 2 weeks before the trip. Stay clear of people who are coughing. Make sure you wash your hands. Consider insurance. Pack a health kit and check the US Department of State website for any security risk.” 

Last year, Spring Break was different from any other year. 

Because of the virus, students and teachers didn’t return to school. 

This caused many events and trips to cancel during this time. 

Now that Spring Break is around the corner, students are worried that the same thing will happen again. 

Faith Smith, a tech team and student council member, says, “I’m so scared that we won’t come back, some people said they enjoyed the 7 month long spring break but it was horrible. I need human interaction.”