Beauty and Beau with a Twist


Edits made by Makaylee Hester

Despite Covid limiting the possibilities of many normal events, Pelahatchie High School held their annual Beauty and Beau pageant. This year, they added another event for the girls to compete in.

MaKaylee Hester, Staff Writer

She is beauty. She is grace.  She is the queen of this place. On Saturday March 6, 2021, Pelahatchie High School held its annual Beauty and Beau contestants

This pageant serves as a fundraiser to lower the cost of the Pelahatchie High School Yearbook. This year it will include both high school and elementary students.

The pageant started at 4:00 pm and consisted of twenty-one beautiful young ladies. No boys competed.

Each contestant was asked to prepare a casual and formal outfit. The two scores were averaged together to determine the top 10 beauties.

There was also a most beautiful who served as the overall winner, and best dressed who served as the casual wear winner.

The chance to win top 10, most beautiful, and best dressed were available to each contestant regardless of grade level.

The top 10 consisted of Macey Bowman, Erin Hanson, Haylee Atkinson, Savannah Dennis, Aliyah Butler, Madison Broome, Maggie Gilliam, Meghan Herrington, Camden Patton, Isabella Rust.

Senior Isabella Rust was crowned most beautiful. Junior Abby Davis won Best Dressed for her outfit presented in the casual portion.

Rust describes her time in the pageant by saying,” I felt super shocked because I didn’t expect a special moment like this! I will always remember this and I think this definitely topped my senior year! I did not expect this at all and I think it is so exciting to dress up and feel beautiful and confident! Every girl on that stage was beautiful and deserved it as well.”

Davis was in agreement with Rust and even went on to say, “I had a great time and really loved shopping form my dress. The new casual wear part was ok but not my favorite. I am just not used to changing outfits during the pageant. I was completely shocked and not sure what to do but I have really enjoyed showing off my medal to my classmates.”

There were about one hundred spectators in attendance, and each one was required to wear a mask and social distance whenever possible.