Meghan Herrington

The Netflix-streaming platform movie cover featuring Kevin Quinn and Bailee Madison along with the popular song “Best Thing Ever (Stageversion).”

Meghan Herrington, Staff Writer

Calling all Christian musical watchers. Netflix has recently released your next heaven titled “A Week Away” starring Kevin Quinn and Bailee Madison.

If you are a Disney fan, you might even be reminded of the musical Camp Rock while watching the film. However, this is Christian Camp Rock.

The musical follows Will Hawkins, a teen who has found his way in and out of several foster homes after his parents’ death. Now he has made it to his last straw. One side offers a juvenile detention center, while the other offers summer camp. What Will does not realize is he is now signed up for Aweegaway, a Christian camp, just A Week Away from life-changing truths.

Like every other musical in the Twenty-First Century, there is a romance plot between Will and the camp’s owner’s daughter Avery Mollvins.

The many plotlines will keep you on the edge of your seat unless you have read How to Read Literature Like a Professor, then you might be only predicting the next scene.

Do not worry; you will not leave this movie on a sad note, only hoping Netflix is planning to release a sequel.

Over the last few years, Netflix has released many incredible films. However, many have said that this film is too stereotypical with each of the summer camp storylines.

While the film does hold certain clichés that could be seen as stereotypical, it is the ground-breaking soundtrack that leads people to relive the heart of the movie.

The film is amazing but if nothing else interests you at least give the soundtrack a chance. The soundtrack has been released on all platforms including YouTube Music, Apple Music, Spotify, and Pandora.

Click here for the Netflix trailer.

Click here for the popular song “Best Thing Ever (Stageversion).”

Click here for the popular song “Awesome God/God Only Knows.”