The Great Gala

Kayla Hobson, Staff Writer

The first week of April was full of buzz in the high school hallways. On Saturday, April 10th, the Senior Prom/Gala was held in the MPR at Pelahatchie Attendance Center. 

Juniors and seniors have been preparing themselves for this event. 

Faith Smith, a member of the MS Student Council, Pelahatchie Student Council, and Homecoming Court, said ” I did everything on my own with a little help from my mom. My mom did my hair, minimal makeup, and she helps me with my dress.”

Seanadrian Johnson, a Newspaper staff, said, ” I begin finding accessories to go with my dress and found people I knew could help me through the process of being the best I could be. I wanted to show out and make it a night I could remember.”

Around 6, Muscadine park was filled with students and parents taking pictures.

Whether it was near the railroad or by the buildings, many students had fun sharing that memory with their dates and friends.

Matthew Day, Football and Soccer player, said, ” I had fun taking pictures with my friends; this is something I want to show to my kids.”

By 7, the Gala attendees headed to the school in cars or a limo.

Entering the MPR, guest were welcomed by the teachers and given a paper to vote for Prom King and Queen. 

The room had black and gold decor with lights illuminating the walls and props standing high. 

While the appetizers and teas were being served, students were taking pictures by the props or sitting in their seats.

Later on, the actors were present as the atmosphere started to calm, giving teachers and students a murder mystery to solve. 

In the end, the Prom Queen and King were announced, pronouncing Teleiah Lewis and Damarquis Gilbert. 

Teleiah Lewis, senior, Prom Queen, and Student Council Member said, “When I heard my name, I was shocked and excited.”

Damarquis Gilbert, Prom King, said, ” I felt honored to be selected as Prom King for the class of 2021.”