Foes Become Friends: A Falcon and Winter Soldier Review

Malik Latin, staff writer


Well, I was on Disney plus just scrolling through all of the wonderful shows.


And what caught my attention was falcon and the winter soldier, and I gotta say 

It’s a masterpiece. 


Even though it has a four-episode count it brings a lot of story for two characters 

That do not get that much attention in the marvel cinematic universe (MCU for short)


But do be alarmed that you kinda need to know what’s going on before you watch the show and I recommend you watch the Captain America theme movies like CaptainAmerica the first avenger, Captain America the winter soldier, and captain America civil war.


But if you didn’t watch those movies, here’s a quick recap

Captain America first avenger 

Bucky Barnes (a.k.a the winter soldier) was Steve Rogers best friend and war comrade. 


But during a war 

accident was thrown off a mountain and was frozen on the mountain until rescued by hydria ( sam’s 

enemies) and was brainwashed and became  the mercenary dubbed the Winter Soldier.


Captain America the winter soldier

While bucky undergoes mercenary tasks, Steve is trying to fight the reality that he is in a new era.

Steve, in an era without war, doesn’t know doesn’t know what to do with his second chance at life.

So while he is jogging he meets Sam Wilson, a retired military soldier who helps rehabilitate soldiers


that have past war trauma, which is a good thing for steve. While everyone is trying to do their own thing Nick Ferry is trying to live his life and gets shot and killed by the winter soldier but Steve and Sam stop 


the winter soldier with the help of a black widow, although the winter soldier is still out there. 


Captain America civil war 

This is where things get a little crazy for Steve’s squad, and Bucky starts getting his memories, and Steve and Tony Stark (Iron man) are having a little argument About whether they should work for the government


Steve doesn’t want to. They have a giant argument which turns into acivil war, Which ends with Steve and his team becoming fugitives and hiding in Wauconda until the events of infinity war, and the end game.


In the end, Steve goes back to the past and marries the love of his life, and dies happily. 


Current time (starting of the falcon and the winter starts)

Now we’re at the current events, and in the first episode the world is back to normal and everything is in chaos and the world is 50% more than its current population. 


Sam is working for the airforce, and bucky is struggling with depression. Because of this time as the winter soldier, he was traumatized because he remembers all the innocent people he killed.


But, while they live their lives. A group of super-soldiers starts a cult and tries to bring peace to the new world.  


 Sam and Bucky need to save the new world and stop the evil group.


My recommendation

I recommend this to fans of the MCU and fans that are superheroes in general. It brings flavor and spice to the MCU.


The acting is great because of our two favorite actors Anthony Mackie, and Sebastian Stan, although they’re kinda new to MCU, unlike actors like Chris Evans, and Robert Downy Jr. 


They have made their mark as one of the best actors of the M

CU in my opinion of course.


But I don’t recommend this show to newcomers to the MCU or little kids. People that are new to the MCU and new to the show will get confused about the storyline. Also, the action scenes might not be suitable  with kids under the age of five without supervision. 


But overall the story and action scenes are great and Disney is taking this seriously, even though it’s a tv show.