Senior’s Awards Day and Graduation

Kayla Hobson, Staff Writer

On Wednesday, April 26, the senior awards were held in Pelahatchie’s auditorium. 

Students were given two tickets to invite parents to the event. It was also recorded on Zoom and Facebook live for more members to watch. 

Usually the awards for seniors are announced at graduation this year’s Award Day will help minimize the time of graduation. 

Because of grades, some awards will be given at the graduation ceremony.

The seniors sat in alphabetical order and received their awards with their future plans in the back. 

Malik Latin, a newspaper staff, yearbook staff, and band members, took individual pictures of them with their awards. 

Many students shared their feelings about the awards ceremony. 

Destiny White, a senior, says, “It is an emotional moment because you realize that everything is coming to an end. They had a zoom so my mom watched from there.” 

Emmie Hoard, a senior and band member, said, “I liked the T-shirt, it was a nice gift to seniors.”

Telaiah Lewis, Beta, Bandmember and Student council, says, “Awards day was fun and a heartwarming moment. It reminded me of everything fun that happened over the years. I like that afterwards, everyone took pictures together. 

Graduation will be held at Hinds Clyde Muse Center at 7 pm on May 20th. Practice will be at 9 am and class pictures will be at 5:15 pm.

Allowed 12 tickets, seniors will be able to invite their family and close friends.

Many students are excited about graduation.

Jared Goodin, baseball and football player, said, “I am nervous and excited. I plan on inviting my family.”

Malori Scherer, Cheerleader and Beta member, said, “I am happy because my family is coming. Afterwards I plan on hanging out with the family and going on a trip in the summer.”

Landin Pierce, band and Jrotc member, says, “After graduation I’m having a big party with my family.”