Hatchie Headlines Hatches A New Newspaper Team

For its fifth year, Pelahatchie High Schools newspaper provides learning opportunities to new and veteran writers and broadcast students.

Laura Renfroe

For its fifth year, Pelahatchie High School’s newspaper provides learning opportunities to new and veteran writers and broadcast students.

Keith Henley, Staff Writer

The Pelahatchie High School has an upcoming newspaper crew consisting of nine students in a variety of grade levels. 

Newspaper adviser, Laura Grice, is excited to introduce the team and their new ideas for the next year of Newspaper. The overseer for the article side of the class is Laura Renfroe. Laura supervises the team about how to write articles and make them look snazzy. 

The overseer for the broadcast side of the class is Malik Latin. Malik specializes in making sure the broadcast looks neatly edited and transitioned with consecutive swiftness. 

As for the other seven students, Ryan Bayliss, Macy McCamon, Adlyn Till, Caleb Walters, Deuce Ward, Kaitlyn White, and Keith Henley, they will be adjoining projects together as a group and producing their own ideas to create a sense of prosperity within the team.

As for upcoming projects, the team has a lot of interesting plans for future articles and broadcasts. Here are some brief ideas below.

Ryan Bayliss is working on news related to current weather like the recently announced category 4 hurricane, so be on the lookout for updates on the storm in Ryan’s broadcast.

Macy McCamon has started a new broadcast segment where she goes over the lunch menu for students to let them know what kind of meals the school will serve that day and future ones ahead. Be sure to tune in at the beginning of every week’s broadcast to find out.

Adlyn Till keeps up with all sporting events and news related to Pelahatchie, and about what happened during it. She even interviews the players themselves to get a real insight on what happened while it all went down. If one would like to keep up to date on all sporting events, be sure to check out Adlyns broadcast every week. Adlyn also has some important matters to announce dealing with the recent events in Afghanistan in which she asks people around the area their opinion on the situation. Be sure to find out more in her article/broadcast.

Caleb Walters works directly with Pelahatchie JROTC instructors, LTC. Hardy, and SFC. Gough. Together, they work with the newspaper team to spread awareness of fundraisers and public supporting events while also going over world events and life lessons to reflect on.

Deuce Ward’s recent article tackles a heavy subject, dealing with the upcoming 20th commemoration of the 9/11 terrorist attack back in 2001. Deuce will be interviewing people’s thoughts on the matter, especially those who witnessed it first hand. Be sure to read about it when it gets published to hear the thoughts of these victims.

Kaitlyn White has some intriguing reports and interviews dealing with the recent  mask mandates issued around Mississippi. She interviews a few students to get their opinion on the matter and really let the public know how people feel about it. Make certain to find out what people say in her broadcast.

Lastly, Keith Henley, will be talking about all updates and events dealing within the newspaper team itself. He will cover upcoming fundraisers, changes to our broadcast/articles, dates of such occurrences, and more! 

That about wraps up the introduction to the new team. Come back every week for more information, stories, interviews, and more on Pelahatchie’s Hatchie Headlines.