Youth’s Views on 9/11

Deuce Ward, Staff Writer

On September 11th, 2001, two planes struck the North and South towers of the World Trade Center in New York. Whether they were at work or in school, many people vividly remember their feelings of dread on this day.

But what about the generation that was born after the tragedy? What are their feelings on it? We decided to ask a few students what their opinions were on the matter. 

“I think it was devastating what happened,” said sophomore Payton Sanders. “I can not imagine what it was like, and I think that it should be a reminder to always cherish the ones that you love.” Sanders’ is very telling that the youth still hold a great deal of compassion for the people who were traumatized by the tragedy, as well as learning the value of loved ones.

Senior Benjamin Stribling had this to say on the subject. “9/11 is easily one of the worst things to happen in American history. Even to this day there are people traumatized by what happened and I do not think our generation will ever be able to understand the horrors that really went down that day.” 

So, despite not being able to fully understand the slew of emotions felt by those who lived through the tragedy, the younger generation still acknowledges the seriousness regarding the event. The jokes that may be made by youth on the internet mean little when compared to the truth, that there is still a great deal of respect to the victims and their families.