Taliban Overthrows Afghan Government


Adlyn Till

With issues mounting across the globe, the Taliban increases fear and mass evacuations in Afghanistan.

Adlyn Till, Staff Writer

The Afghanistan government has been overthrown by the Taliban.

The Taliban began in the 1990s in Northern Pakistan. The Taliban began overthrowing different provinces in Afghanistan and taking power. 

In 1996 the capital, Kabul, was taken over and by 1998 almost 90% of Afghanistan was controlled by the Taliban. 

The Taliban claims its mission is to bring peace and security while also enforcing their extremely strict version of Islam. The Taliban will impose punishments that follow a strict interpretation of Sharia Law. 

Some of these punishments included public executions and amputations of suspected thieves. It is required that men grow beards and women wear a burka. The Taliban banned all pop culture. The Afghan people are not allowed to watch television, movies, or listen to music. Girls over the age of 10 are not allowed at school. 

In December of 2001, the Taliban’s power had collapsed. Because of the recent decrease in the number of foreigen troops in Afghanistan, the Taliban has risen to power again. It took only 10 days for the Taliban to gain complete control over Afghanistan. 

Afghanistan citizens are fleeing their homes in hopes of leaving the country. The Pentagon is sending helicopters for evacuation. Since August 14, there have been over 37,000 people evacuated. 

The United States and NATO have a self-imposed deadline of August 31 to remove all their people. The Taliban warned the US of “consequences” if they remain in Afghanistan after the given deadline of August 31. 

Citizens of Afghanistan are trying anything to flee their country. During the rush to evacuate as many people from Afghanistan as possible, there was a suicide bomber attack at the airport. The attack killed 13 U.S. service members and more than 12 others were injured. A spokesperson from the Taliban says the attack was a “gruesome incident.”

 As of now, the United States’ troops are leaving the country with no known plans to return.