Chiefs take Whirlwind Win over Philadelphia Tornadoes

Senior Football player Kenner Doster yells excitedly after the Pelahatchie Chiefs win the 2nd round of playoffs

Adlyn Till

Senior Football player Kenner Doster yells excitedly after the Pelahatchie Chiefs win the 2nd round of playoffs

On November 12, the Pelahatchie Chiefs went against the Philadelphia Tornadoes in their 2nd round of playoffs. This was an important game for the Chiefs because the football team had not made it past the 2nd round of playoffs since 2001, when they won the championship. 


The game was tense from the beginning, because the score was close for the whole game. This had the fans and players, for both teams, excited to see who would win. By halftime, the Chiefs took the lead with the score of 19 to 14. 


However, in the third quarter with five minutes and eleven seconds on the clock, a transformer connected to the football field light blew up. This caused all the lights on the field to turn off. It was then decided that the game would continue the next day, where the Chiefs and Tornadoes would pick up where they left off.


On November 13, the Pelahatchie Chiefs and Philadelphia Tornadoes started the third quarter with a score of 27 to 20, with the Chiefs still securing the lead. 


Quay Ragsdale, who plays for the Chiefs stated, “Unfinished business is the mentality I played with that Saturday because I know we had the game in the bag Friday night. We just had to finish strong.”


Kenner Doster, who plays Linebacker for the Chiefs, said “At first I was disappointed [of having to reschedule the game] because I felt like we had the momentum. However, coming back Saturday my energy was probably higher just because I knew we needed to finish the game.”


After a nerve-wracking two quarters the Chiefs took home the victory with a score of 39 to 35. This win allows the Chiefs to go to the 3rd round of playoffs for the first time in twenty years. The Chiefs will be competing with Kemper County on November 19th to get the chance to play in the 4th round of the 2021 playoffs. 

The Pelahatchie Chiefs run on the field in excitement to celebrate their recent win in playoffs (Adlyn Till)

Doster expects to keep the same energy from the last game for the third round of playoffs. He further explained, “The third round of playoffs at home is exciting and I think our team is capable of putting on a good show.”