Local Town Supports Newspaper Chiefs Trip To MSPA


Laura Grice

The Newspaper staff works hard to raise money so that students can attend spring convention in Oxford, Mississippi.

Keith Henley, Staff Writer

Pelahatchie’s newspaper team conducted a fundraising event over the weekend (November 6th) where they raised money for their MSPA convention field trip in the spring of next year. 

Hatchie Headlines members Ryan Bayliss, Deuce Ward, Keith Henley, Kaitlyn White, Macy McCamon, Caleb Walters, and Malik Latin along with their teacher Mrs. Grice set up a 4-way intersection fundraiser with support signs to help bring more attention to the event. The team had a great time fundraising as they even surpassed their initial goal which was $300 and ended up earning around $400.

Other students at Pelahatchie came by to visit and donate while they were in town.

One of the questions that the team frequently heard was, “What is MSPA?” The MSPA convention is an annual event where people from all types of schools and across the state come together to listen to speakers on their thoughts and advice for future careers in media, film, and journalism. The previous MSPA convention was held just over a month ago on November 1, where the team traveled to The University of Southern Mississippi to attend the fall sessions. There they learned about different kinds of journalistic paths in life as well as presentations about the speaker’s experiences working in the field.

When the team returned from the trip, they had a group discussion and analyzed the notes they took. With the newly found advice, the team plans to further improve the broadcast and articles with said information. Lastly, the team plans to put all of their new skills into practice to compete for the Journalist of the Year award. This recognition award goes to a journalist who continues to show enthusiasm, creativity, and dedication to the cause or subject.

Deuce Ward (left) and Keith Henley (right) take up money in Pelahatchie’s main square. (Laura Grice)