It’s the Most Wonderful Week of the Year


Collins Doster

Madelyn Cain, Collins Doster, and Macy Mccamon pose for a picture to show off their ugly christmas sweaters

Kaitlyn White, Staff Writer

Every year schools in the United States have one week dedicated to Homecoming called Spirit Week. This is where students dress up according to theme and anticipate the football game and the Homecoming dance. 

However, this year, Pelahatchie High School has decided to do another spirit week to celebrate the winter sports. These sports include soccer, basketball, and competition cheer. 

Kessie Key is a teacher at Pelahatchie High school who helped in bringing this idea to life. Key said, “School spirit is so important to me as a teacher. As a graduate of PHS, I walked these halls over twenty years ago and can vividly recall how it would be decorated and how spirited students were.”

“The high school years go by so quickly, I feel it is important to provide opportunities for students to enjoy every moment. The ability to dress up, act silly, show individuality in outfits, and to show school/athletic support are all intricate parts to making the best high school memories. Life happens so fast, but memories last a lifetime,”Key went on. 

On the week of December 6 through the 10, there will be two basketball games, one junior high basketball game, two soccer games, and a cheer competition. This is why spirit week falls on these dates because of the abundant amount of games and events happening that week. 

On Monday, students and faculty will get to wear their favorite Christmas pajamas to school. Tuesday is Dynamic Duo Day, where students pair together to dress up as famous duos. Wednesday students are asked to wear their ugliest Christmas sweaters to get into the holiday spirit. 

Thursday Pelahatchie students will celebrate a Hawaiian Christmas by dressing up in their best Hawaiian attire. To wrap up the week, Friday is White Out and students and faculty will wear all white in support of the chiefs. 

Key concludes, “I also feel it is important to celebrate all students, academically and athletically. Therefore, hosting spirit weeks throughout the school year only brings a larger sense of community, unity, and pride. And I am all about pride in our TRIBE.”