Ready, Set, Glow to the Theatre!


The Hatchie Headlines staff team strikes a pose after the show at New Stage

Deuce Ward, Staff Writer

You snow the drill! The Hatchie Headlines newspaper staff attended a showing of A Christmas Carol. The showing was held on Tuesday, December 14 at the New Stage Theatre in Jackson. It was a performance of A Christmas Carol, originally written by Charles Dickens, with a fun twist.

At certain points throughout the show, a narrating character would ask to be a part of the story, in which they would soon show up as an important character. We asked a few staff members what they thought about it.

“I honestly really loved that part,” said Ryan Bayliss, “I was not expecting that at all but I loved that they added that into the story.”

“It was not my favorite. I just think that it was random and took away from the story… the ‘lesson’ for the story changed and felt like it was telling people that they couldn’t change their lives.” said staff member Kaitlyn White.

“I thought it was a really cool twist,” said staff member Keith Henley, “it helped create a more powerful and impactful message about how everything you want will not always be what makes you happy.”

From these quotes, we can gather that people’s reactions were mixed. Some loved it, while others did not think it was necessary. Despite this, most of the staff agrees that the production was phenomenal overall. The cast all played their parts very well and the visual effects were well put together.

After the show, the staff enjoyed time at the mall and bonded. They were able to learn a little more about each other and grow as a team.

The Hatchie Headlines staff thoroughly enjoyed New Stages retelling of A Christmas Carol. It was a fantastic production and the actors did a fantastic job.