Chieftain Pep-Rally Buzz


The Pelahatchie High School cheerleaders dancing with the band at the first pep-rally August 18th. Fun cheers and dances thrill students and teachers, and the cheerleaders have even more fun entertaining their classmates. Photo Credit: Kelsey Williams

Sydni Goldman, Staff Writer

The Pelahatchie Chieftains kicked off football season with an “Aloha to Football” themed pep-rally on August 18. All students were covered in their best Hawaiian attire from leis, to grass skirts.

The Chiefs brought summer to school! To get feedback from students at the school about the pep-rally, we surveyed students at Pelahatchie High School to see what they thought.

One of the questions asked was, “What was the most exciting thing about the pep-rally?Malori Scherer, a ninth grader at Pelahatchie, answered “Throwing beach balls around among students.Interacting with the crowd is a great way to get all students involved and having fun.

Another question asked was “In what way can the pep-rallies be improved? John Huston Elliot, a tenth grader that attends Pelahatchie, said “By playing more country music.”

Thirdly, I asked Grace Alman, a tenth grader that also attends Pelahatchie “How did this pep-rally compare to pep-rallies in the past?Alman answered, “That was my first pep-rally at Pelahatchie, but it was way more fun than my old school’s pep-rallies. They didn’t even play any music there!”

Caiti Bowman, a senior at Pelahatchie said,” Lots of pep! Pep-rallies are really fun to me, because you get to let loose and have fun.” when asked “What are you looking forward to in the next pep-rally?”

Pelahatchie High School’s next pep-rally will be September first. Students will be encouraged to “Shine Bright like a Chieftain” and wear bright, neon colors.  Make sure to leave suggestions comments about pep-rallies below.