The Drama in Theatre

Lanie Burkes, Staff Writer

Pelahatchie High School has a new 2017/2018 theatre teacher. Mrs Skinner is the theatre teacher, and she has big plans for this year’s class.

Theatre is a class of acting. This class gives people a chance to come out of their shell and see if they like acting, they are able to have fun in this class.

Skinner is one of the new teachers at Pelahatchie High School. Skinner came from Morton High School. She was a teacher there for 6 years. Skinner is an experience theatre teacher. She has taught theatre for 3 years.

Skinner says that she plans on having at least one major production this year for her class. They are looking through different scripts to see which ones they like. They only have two guys in the class but they are going to the best they can.

What is Mrs. Skinner most excited about teaching theatre at Pelahatchie? “My Students! They have such amazing potential. I can’t wait to see what all they can do,” said Skinner.

Theatre’s first skit was in class, they had to get in small groups, and pick a known fairytale. They created costumes and even a stage prop to go with their skit. Skinner enjoyed her students taking the stage.

What is something students can learn from being in theatre? “I hope they learn how to express themselves and to find their home away from home on the stage!!” said Skinner.

Since schools didn’t offer theatre as a class in schools at the time, Skinner was able to start a drama club with her senior english teacher for their school.

Skinner is loving it here at Pelahatchie. She said that the staff is awesome to work with and the students have touched her heart so much already.

Mrs. Skinner is looking forward to a great year with her new group of students.