Big Changes in the Library


By Tayla Martin

Two students using the new book nook in the library.

Tayla Martin , Staff Writer

 The summer has just ended, and students have returned from break. Many students seem so busy complaining about having to come back that they don’t even notice the changes in the school. The library being an example of these changes.

If students have recently come to the library, they may or may have not noticed the change in paint color, the added light, the new book nook, or even the new books. The changes may have gone unnoticed by many students, but the students that are regularly in and out of the library have definitely noticed them.

The students have definitely noticed the added books .The library has added 500 to 600 new books since last year; most of these books got added into the fiction genre.

If students like fantasy books, then they seem to be like most other readers. The library has noticed that the fantasy genre seems like the most popular choice amongst the students.

  The library now has a full self and a full wall just dedicated to the fantasy genre. Book checkout rates have increased since last year, much to the school’s enjoyment. Mrs. Renfroe, the school librarian said, “I am excited that the library’s checkout of books has greatly increased in the time I have been here” when asked her thoughts on checkout rates increasing.

Mrs.Renfroe has bigger goals than the school’s for the library. “My goal is to see more than half the student population on campus with books in their hand,” Renfroe says when asked about these goals that she one day hopes to achieve.

Another feature recently added is known as the book nook. It is made up of two black  sofa chairs, matching foot props, and a desk in between, where students can relax while reading or even working on class work.

When asked about the changes in the library, the students all had different reactions. When asked a few students what they thought about the changes and if they even noticed them and the responses varied.

“I don’t even go to the library” said Jacob, a 9th grade student, when asked about the changes made in the library. Hannah, a 10th grader, had this to say when asked: “ I did noticed the new booknock and all the added books when I went in for first time this year.”

Mrs. Renfroe hopes that more of the students come in to see and experience the new changes. If you have any questions about the changes or the library, you can ask Mrs.Renfroe about it in the library or by email.