Pelahatchie Supporters Rally To “Meet The Chiefs”


Varsity Boys Football being acknowledged during “Meet The Chiefs” event

Devo Irvin, Staff Writer

Last Friday Pelahatchie High hosted their annual “Meet The Chiefs” event at the Chief’s football field.                                               

PHS holds this event every year at the beginning of the varsity football season. This event allows staff members of the school, parents, and supporters of Pelahatchie’s sports teams to meet the players and coaches for each particular team.

Last year during “Meet The Chiefs,” players and coaches from each sports team were gradually recognized during certain breaks in the game. However, this year the event was held one hour and a half before the kickoff of the actual game.

With the time being much earlier, the sun shined bright for a large majority of the event. The heat didn’t stop any of the Pelahatchie Sports supporters from gathering and filling up the bleachers to see the students and coaches recognized.

Also, the heat seemed to affect most sports players as they were just waiting in the sun for their team and their name to be called. Even though they became somewhat annoyed, when finally acknowledged, they couldn’t help but to show a big smile on their faces.

This was the last time senior sports players acknowledged for the “Meet The Chiefs” event.

After senior basketball point guard and football wide receiver, Jadarious “Geek” Johnson was asked what he would miss most about “Meet The Chiefs,” he answered saying, “ I’m going to miss being surrounded by my teammates that I consider my brothers.”

The football game between the Chiefs vs. the Lake Hornets started after the event. They also won the game in the final seconds, as Jadarious also scored the game-winning touchdown.

For some people, “Meet The Chiefs” is always going to be one of those highly anticipated events at the beginning of every school year.

With “Meet The Chiefs” finished, it’s time to support our Chiefs in all sports.