Summer Reading Fuels The Brain


Mrs. Grice displays different types of books. Students could chose any books for summer reading.

Dessi Thomas, Staff Writer

Every student knows he/she must complete summer reading. The students will be given an option of reading a book and answering questions or read sixteen achieve3000 articles.

They had the summer break and some of the month of August to do summer reading. When the students come back to school, summer reading will be the first formative grade in English.

If the student doesn’t complete it, he/she will receive a zero.

According to which options students do, either read a book or articles, there will be requirements. If students read a book, there will be a series of questions the students have to answer to meet the standards. There are ten questions that involve facts about the book students chose; for instance, what lexile is the book and the theme also with examples to support the theme.

Students are not allowed to read a book that has been read in class. If students read Achieve articles, they must make a 75% on the activities for the articles to count. Students must have sixteen articles to receive the summer reading grade.

The reason for giving summer reading is so that the students won’t forget what they’ve learned while they were at school.

Jordan White is a student that attends Pelahatchie High School, who decided that she would read a book for her summer reading project. “I think that it is good to make sure students are reading during the summer and doing something to keep their brains thinking,” said White. White also stated, “I enjoyed reading my book, and also the questions were fairly easy to answer.”