Tension Continues Between North Korea and the United States



Koreans woke up with text messages from the government to evacuate to a sturdy place and hide. Two alerts were sent out. The first one was a 6:02 demanding them to seek safety and the other was at 6:14 notifying them that the threat was over.

Lizzy Pinter, Staff Writer

Over the past few months tension between the United States and North Korea has tightened. Between sanctions and missile launches, some think we are on the brink of war.

It all started when North Korea began launching test missiles into surrounding seas. Several of them targeted the Sea of Japan, causing Japan to join the tension.

President of the United States Donald Trump tries to avoid war at all cost.

After several verbal attacks and missile launches, the tension appeared to have calmed a little. President Trump was even reported saying Kim Jong Un was a “smart cookie.”

It wasn’t long before the U.S. noticed that North Korea wasn’t going down without a fight.

Within two months they fired several missiles, one of which was able to reach the United States. Kim claimed that the intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) could reach major U.S. cities. Kim declared that the intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) could reach “the whole US mainland.”

President Trump is trying to remain positive in this hectic time. Although North Korea has a missile that could reach the US, President Trump doesn’t back down or surrender.

The US, China, and Russia have all put sanctions on North Korea to try to force them to surrender, but the sanctions have not worked.

If anything, it fired Kim up more. This led to even more missile launches and violent threats.

President Trump is trying to get China to help the United States defeat or stop Kim without causing war. President Trump says that “we will handle North Korea.”