Pelahatchie Brings Disney to Town

Lanie Burkes, Staff Writer

Pelahatchie High School’s homecoming game is October 13. The homecoming parade is October 12.

Every year the school features a theme for homecoming.

The homecoming theme for 2017 is “Journey Through Disney.” Every grade will have a Disney movie as their float. They will choose a movie that their generation grew up watching.

There are many Disney movies to choose from, such as: “Cinderella”, “Toy Story”, “Cars”, “The Jungle Book”, “Peter Pan”, “Lady and The Tramp”, “Shrek”, and many more.

Cody Myers is a senior at Pelahatchie. Myers said that the senior float should be based on the Lion King. Almost everyone in the senior class has seen and grew up watching the Lion King.

Student Council chose the homecoming theme. They had a huge debate on whether it should be disney or holidays.

If holidays was chosen, every float would be a different holiday. Most of the student council members thought it would be more creative to do Disney. They thought holidays would be too simple.

Myers also believes that Disney was the best decision for the theme. Myers said, “Disney should be the theme because it had more movies to choose from for each float.”

Every grade will be assigned a certain Disney movie soon. Then people who would like to be involved will meet after school on some days to discuss and start to make their float.

Students need to get involved and make their float look great. We hope that this year’s homecoming parade will look better than ever.

Disney is at Pelahatchie High School for Homecoming.