Chiefs Dominate Bears

Devin Irvin, Staff Writer

Last Friday night our Pelahatchie Chiefs hosted the West Lincoln Bears in a football showdown. The Chiefs dominated the bears in a hard-fought 60-26 victory despite making only a few mistakes.

Chiefs started off strong by returning the opening kickoff for a 70-yard touchdown by senior receiver, Jadarious Johnson. Later, in the first quarter as the game was tied 8-8 junior quarterback, Javeious “JP” Purvis heaved up an 11-yard touchdown pass to Jadarious Johnson to put the Chiefs up by a touchdown.

On one drive in the second quarter, Purvis ran hard while juking, weaving and breaking tackles for a 74-yard touchdown and also scoring a 2-point conversion to put the Chiefs up 24-8. However, a couple of costly mistakes and missed tackles resulted in the Bears taking the lead, making the score 26-24. The Chiefs still wouldn’t back down, as later Purvis would run for a 14-yard touchdown to put his team up 30-26 leading into halftime.

For a while in the 3rd quarter neither team scored. However, with 6 minutes to go in the quarter, Purvis rushed for a touchdown making the score 36-26. Later, a touchdown by sophomore receiver Kelreiz Stokes and another 2-point conversion leading to a score of 44-26.

On another drive in the 3rd quarter, Purvis would give a quick shovel pass to sophomore fullback Ahmad Johnson for a 50-yard run, also leading to a 2-point conversion scored by 8th grade running back Jamal Johnson, making the score 52-36.

In the last quarter a forced fumble made by the Chiefs resulted in 79-yard touchdown by freshman safety Matthew Day and a 2-point conversion by Jamal Johnson.

After the game, when Javeious Purvis was asked what his team did best overall that night, he answered, “We made a few mistakes but I knew me and my team would turn up, play hard, and give the crowd a show.”

Next week, the Chiefs will be playing at Mount Olive.