The Sitch on Beta

The National Beta Club symbol.

The National Beta Club

The National Beta Club symbol.

Tayla Martin, Staff Writer

Have you ever wondered what Beta Club is or maybe what it does? Beta is a club that has the purpose to promote academic achievement, good character, leaderships, and service. Beta is a students-based club that teaches its members how to be better citizens.  

Beta club is controlled by a group of members called “ The Board.” The club sponsors are Mrs. Anderson and Mrs. Till; this means they oversee everything the club does and finds ways to make money for the club.   

Beta has a fundraiser each year to raise money to keep the club up. 

If students are returning members, then they also each have to pay a ten dollar return fee.

“Beta has been a great experience,” Scherer said when asked what she thought about beta. Many other students, such as Maloir Scherer and Gregory Beemon, feel the same about the club.

“I love volunteering and helping the community and the convention is always fun,” Scherer said.

Beta Convention is another thing that makes beta so popular among the members. Convention is usually held in Biloxi, MS. The cost may differ depending on the funds the club has made.

If any students would like to join Beta, they can contact Mrs. Anderson or Mrs.Till.