How a Jubilee Can Change People’s Lives


Maria Banuelas, Staff Writer

The Muscadine Jubilee 2017 was on Saturday, September 9, 2017. It began from 9:00am to 5:00pm or later.

The Jubilee is located in Pelahatchie, MS. It has been around for 37 years. It is a family event that pays tribute to the muscadine grape. The muscadine grape, which is used for wines, pies, and jellies.

The Jubilee consists of food, bouncy houses, camel rides, live musical entertainment, arts and crafts, selling clothing, candles, muscadines, jellies, photography, and more.

The festival had people from all over different cities rather than just Pelahatchie. The festival had consisted of many teens and children. There was also adults who were there for the live entertainment.

The Jubilee had many kinds of groups. There were teens with their friends, there were groups of families, and there were also just little kids with their friends, there was also pets who came.

The children had many things to do they had bouncy houses, face painting, sweets to eat and more. 

There was also a mechanical bull that many adults and teens attempted to stay on as long as possible.

There were a lot of live performances for adults. The Jubilee featured Neal McCoy and Marty Stuart.

Devon Day, a participant in the festival, stayed after his performance in color guard as a left guard. He said, “It was fun, I had friends, and the Muscadines were good.” Anna Gill, another student who came to the festival, said, “It was hot and sunny, but I enjoyed it very much.”



Abby and Maria are two friends at the jubilee having a great time.
Devon Day and Holden are friends who both participated in the Jubilee events.
Two children posing to take a picture.
Gregory Beamon, football player #61, selling and making ice cones.
A group of friends arriving at the Jubilee.
Ashley, last year senior graduate, at the festival with family.


A man playing a harmonica at the Jubilee.
A stand of candles they were selling at the jubilee. They also had a scented Muscadine one.
People walking around shopping.
A woman selling jellies, muscadine flavored. She made them herself.
Devon Day looking and searching on what to purchase.
The Pelahatchie High School Band performing at the Jubilee.
Trucks that are selling food and brevages.