Students Favorite School Lunch

Dessi Thomas, Staff Writer

Though many people pack their own lunches, the majority of Pelahatchie students and faculty eat in the cafeteria. Some students don’t mind the food, but others do.

Pelahatchie High tries to make lunch food healthy by providing a different choice of fruit and vegetables daily such as corn, carrots, beans, peaches, applesauce, bananas, and more.

Pelahatchie always has a shelf that has chips, cookies, and brownies that students are able to purchase if they want to have a good snack.

Pelahatchie serves different types of  food everyday, such as pizza, chicken tenders, sub sandwiches, steak fingers, hot wings, tacos, and more. Most of the time hamburgers are served every Friday at Pelahatchie.

On some days the school will give out reduced fat chips. If the students or faculty doesn’t want what is being served that day, they have the option of choosing a chef salad with crackers and croutons or a tuna salad with crackers.

Every student has their own opinion on school lunch. They all have their favorite food that is cooked in the Pelahatchie cafeteria.

I have surveyed a few students about their favorite school lunch. Anna Attkisson is a senior soccer player at Pelahatchie. “Spaghetti is my favorite school lunch because it has lots of flavors and i love spaghetti” said Attkisson.

Also another student, Clayton KIlgore, A senior football player, said he liked the stromboli the best out of all.

Cody Myers, A senior football player, said his favorite school lunch is cheesy chicken over rice. Myers also likes the stromboli that the school serves. Cecil Ballard said his favorite school lunch is chicken nuggets.


The Pelahatchie lunch menu can be found every month on the rcsd website.