Book Club Officially Kicking Off

The Princess Bride the first Book Club book.

The Princess Bride the first Book Club book.

Isaac Norwood, Staff Writer

Pelahatchie Book Club is finally off to a start this year with the offering of the book The Princess Bride. Students say that the offering of the book club is a good thing for Pelahatchie.

It gives the students the opportunity to read a book and discuss it with their peers while also being part of a group.

English teachers are giving the students extra credit if they choose to participate in the Book Club.

Librarian Eles Renfroe is head of the book club. Any one interested in joining please talk to her.

The first book The Princess Bride is a fairy tale adventure about an attractive young woman and her first true love and the hardships she faced. With the books coming in just a week ago book club is just getting started.

Some students are very excited about the book club. Kiaieshi Stokes is a junior at PHS. “I’m ready to read the book and I think it’s great that we have a book club,”said Stokes.

This is Pelahatchie’s first year having a book club with this amount of buzz. Teachers say they are glad that the students want to get involved in school activities such as this.

Krishaun Twine  is a senior at PHS.“The book club book was pretty good,”  said Twine.