Girls Take The Field for Homecoming

Lanie Burkes, Staff Writer

Every year Pelahatchie High School has a homecoming football game. A certain amount of girls are voted by their class to represent the school at the homecoming game during half time.

Pelahatchie homecoming game is on October 13, 2017. After all the homecoming maids are announced, a homecoming queen is chosen and crowned. The homecoming queen will be voted on by the whole high school.

Tyra Jones is a senior homecoming maid. This is her first year being a maid. Jones says, “It’s my first year getting it and I’m excited to embrace the fun that comes along with being a homecoming maid.”


There is a homecoming parade is on Thursday, October 12, and the game is Friday, October 13. Jones is excited for both the parade and the game.

Anna Attkisson is a senior at Pelahatchie. Attkisson is a football maid this year. This is Attkisson’s second year participating.

Attkisson says “It’s very exciting to be a senior maid. It is so fun to get all dressed up and put on all that makeup and get your hair done. It’s fun knowing you get to represent Pelahatchie!”

Since Attkisson has been a maid before, she has experienced the parade and walking down the field at the game. Attkisson says, “I definitely enjoy the parade the most. You get to ride through and see all the kids and families that you know. I love watching their smiling faces and throwing the candy to everyone.”

There will be new homecoming maids almost every year. Attkisson has advice for the future homecoming maids, saying, “Enjoy this time! It is such a fun experience and soak all of it up! Some girls would love to be in the position you are in so be thankful!”


Homecoming maids are listed bottom to top and left to right: Bailey Johnson, Isabella Rust, Lelani Key, Zharia Holifield, Makia Lewis, Kanosha Holifield, Lanie Burkes Sydni Goldman, Scarlett Castillo, Collins Doster, Maddie Grace Walters, Skylar Varnes, Tiara Collier, Morgan Boyd, Makayla Minett, Tyra Jones, Morghan Hobson, Anna Attkisson, Aliza Myers, Kimberly Cochran, Haley Mills, and Camden Patton.